It hurts girls, too??????! (Female Nut Shots ???????? #18) – Girl bangs her CROTCH (F_NdIpLE07k)

女生サッカー試合で選手は地面に股間を打つかるの! 痛い!
During a women's soccer / football game, a girl falls and slams her groin on the ground.

For educational purposes: Everyone thinks a woman is invincible between the legs because of Hollywood and mainstream media. Nut shots aren't the only things that hurt! It hurts girls to get ball busted, too…err, vagina busted? Cunt punted? See, I don't even know what to call it! We need a more appropriate name for the girl version of the crotch shot, because it hurts ladies too!

There are thousands of youtube videos of guys getting hit in the nuts (TV, movies, video games, etc), so why should the female version be represented, too?



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