Kylie vs. Azumi (RingDivas Superstars 2016)

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Description: Kylie Lockhart vs. Empress Azumi (RingDivas Superstars 2016) RingDivas continues its talent search for the newest and brightest stars and one of the newest stars looking to become a permanent fixture on the roster is one Kylie Lockhart. But unfortunately for Kylie in the semi-main event of RingDivas Superstars she goes one-on-one with the newly crowned Empress Azumi as she makes her debut. Watch as the newly crowned Empress shows Kylie Lockhart just what it takes to be successful on the main roster!!!

Moves : Barefoot, Sleeper Hold, Face Slap, Running Football Punt Crotch Kick Low Blow, Vicious Foot Stomps, Uppercut Crotch Smash Low Blow, Boston Crab, Camel Clutch, Body Dragging, Vicious Hair Pulling, Full Nelson, Forearm Smash, Collar and Elbow Tie Up, Vicious Kicking, Rope Choke, Standing Bear Hug, Vicious Split Leg Crotch Stomps, Rear Naked Choke, Victory Pose.

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