Sam vs Jessicka II WORLD TITLE Glory & Honor 2009

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Sam Sexton vs. Jessicka Havoc II (Glory & Honor 2009) PPD The time has finally arrived. Sam Sexton will take on Jessicka Havoc in a one-on-one match to determine who will leave the arena as the Womens World Champion. Clearly these are the top two talents in RingDivas® today and it all comes down to this match to find out who is infact the best of the best. An editors choice match and clearly a match of the year candidate. If you are a fan of ANY SORT OF WRESTLING you definitely do not want to miss out on this match!!!

Moves : Vicious Back and Forth Fighting, Football Punt Crotch Kick, Vicious Belly Claw Rake, Soccer Ball Crotch Kick, Hair Pulling, Taunting, Camel Clutch, Gut Stomp, Jumping Elbow Drop, Foot Stomp, Vicious Jumping Knee Low Blow SMASH!, Vicious Eye Rake, Rope Choke, Massive Choke Slam, Low Blows, Neck Choke, Face Mat Smash, Jumping Forearm Smash, Spine Kick, Shoulder Tackle, Running Turnbuckle Crotch Drop Kick, Belly Kick, Headbunt, Mid-Match Victory Posing, Multiple Pins, Head Slam, Running back drop kick, Sunset Flip Pin, Huge Double Clothesline, Extended Victory Pose.

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