Selena Fuentes vs. Queen Arianna (Aftermath 2015)

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Selena Fuentes vs. Queen Arianna (Aftermath 2015) Don’t miss the official debut of one of the most exotic stars we have seen in Selena Esperanza Fuentes. And unfortunately for Selena her debut match is against none other then Queen Arianna proudly sporting her Rising Angels Championship. How will Selena fare in her first match in the squared circle after Queen Arianna has vowed to make an example of Selena? Stay tuned to find out!!!

Moves : Barefoot, Multiple Vicious Split Leg Crotch Stop Low Blows, Reverse Split Leg Crotch Stomps, Bear Hug, Full Nelson, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Vicious Hair Pulling, Crawling on All Fours, Lots of Trash Talking, Humiliation, Hair Pulling, Multiple Body Draggings, Body Tossing, Rear Naked Choke and Body Scissors Combo, Single Hand on Throat Turnbuckle Slam, Vicious Shoulder Tackles, Lockup, Shoving, Turnbuckle Slam, Head Mat Slam, Vicious Rope Choke, Pin Fall Victory, Victory Pose. Cuntbusting, Nude, Groin, Crotch, WWE, Women’s Wrestling

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