Female MMA fighter kicked

MMA fighter Athena (Kendra Smith) takes a kick between the legs in this short clip from S02E07 of "Bajillion Dollar Properties" (2016).

Gif: [a]https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2F1SWAZBU.gif[/a] (normal speed), [a]https%3A%2F%2Fi.imgur.com%2FROZztQe.gif[/a] (2x slo mo)

For perfectionists / nerds, about the 4px letterbox / black border:
The only copy I was able to find was in 1912×1072. I don't know whether it's cropped or scaled down from the 1920×1080 original, but regardless of that I didn't want to *re-scale* it back by a couple % and introduce additional unnecessary blur. With a difference this small, letterbox is better for sure.


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