Sexy GTA V Dirty Beach Girl Fight Ryona Momiji VS Female Bodybuilder

Sexy GTA Street Girl Fight mod Momiji vs Bodybuilder female.
An amazing sexy beach girl fight bikini ryona.
I saw a lot of people requests to make Bodybuilder female vs sexy bikini girl so here you go. :"P
Like I said I – I make after few hits I will get rogdoll (KnockOut from THE HP and the brutal attacks , I (Momiji) take one take down in that time the bodybuilder female got five take downs (in the video have 1 Take down and 1 KO) , The bodybuilder female Knock Momiji out by brutal way.

Game Name : Grand Theft Auto V
Girl name : Momiji from the game Dead Or Alive
Girl Pain Voice : Rumble Roses Reiko Hinomoto
Mods : OpenIV , ScriptHookV

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